Dogs Probiotics Digestion

Naturally Improve Pet Digestion with Probiotics

My dogs are currently wanted by the authorities for crimes against humanity involving their digestive issues: eating feces, diarrhea, and anal glad leakage are their biggest violations. Each of my pets was rescued from a kill shelter in the southern United States, and had parasites when they arrived. We love them unconditionally. However, their gut […]

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5 Tips to Beating Competition Nerves

Guest Post: Five Tips to Beating Competition Nerves

Compete Better! Are the rider that is completely fine riding at home? You ace your dressage test, and jump 1.20m without blinking. Those half-passes are perfect and you always see the distance to the fence. But when you wake up in the morning of a horse show that goes away. Cold feet, heart pounding, your […]

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Wagtown Dog Friendly

Make Your Community Dog Friendly with Wagtown’s Beth Miller

  Do you want more dog-friendly neighborhoods near you? So does, Beth Miller, the founder of Wagtown, a movement based in Dayton, Ohio to raise awareness, create pet-friendly legistlation, and more wagging tails throughout your communities. As a friend of mine and fellow female entrepreneur (aka womanpreneur), I convinced Beth she needed to grant me […]

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Roeckl Horse Riding Gloves

The Madison: Summer Horse Riding Gloves from Roeckl You Need in Your Tack Box

  I decided recently to challenge myself by attempting a schooling show at my barn this spring. Most of you may wonder, why the big deal? For me, horse shows are a source of panic. It stems from low self-esteem in regards to my riding, anxiety about the unknown, and being judged by others. Ironically […]

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Barks, Babes, and BlogPaws

Babes, Brands, and Barks at BlogPaws

The Social Media and Pet Blogging Conference Went to the Dogs (and Cats, Horses…)   Recently I attended my second BlogPaws pet blogging and social media conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Another year of blogging under my belt meant I had different goals and a different experience overall. Most of my friends and fellow attendees […]

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Equipepper Facing Demons

Equipepper: Facing the Demons

Most of you will have faced some riding demons at one stage in your riding career. If you haven’t, I’m sure you will face one or two in the years to come. Almost a year on from a particularly nasty fall last summer, I am starting to realise that I probably have a few demons […]

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Young Adult Author MJ Evans

In the Heart and Head of Author MJ Evans

  I had the honor of meeting young adult author MJ Evans at the Equus Film Festival. We very quickly hit it off and she quickly became one of my favorite people ever.  I’m planning a trip to visit her in Colorado! As a Christmas gift, I bought my daughter the entire “Mist” trilogy, which she […]

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Framing Up Horses

Ride Report: Framing Up (Properly)

No matter your riding discipline there a few major tenets of riding that every equestrian should follow, namely: keep your horse straight, balanced, and using impulsion from the hind end.     Basically all things that my little Ferrous has trouble with doing properly. Don’t get me wrong, he can get there and he’s a […]

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Physio Heels Down Kick On

Guest Post: Phys-phys-physio

At the start of 2018, I’d had enough of avoiding dressage like the plague. I’d tried to kid myself for some time that if I preferred jumping, that I didn’t need dressage anyway. Of course, I was deluding myself. I knew as well as the next person that every stride you take between fences is […]

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Kerrits Power Sculpt Breech

Empower Yourself with Kerrits Power Sculpt Breech

I’m in love with the new Kerrits Power Sculpt Breech. One of my favorite brands to wear, this is a perfect marriage between a riding breech and stylish support. When I’m comfortable I feel more confident, especially in the saddle.     *This is a sponsored post. I may receive products or monetary compensation in […]

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Making Strides

Endings and New Beginnings but Always Making Strides

Confession: I’ve been missing in action from the barn for a good reason. Ferrous has been mine for three full months and sometimes I feel like I’m failing at being a horse owner. For those of you who know me you may be unsurprised at my attitude. To new readers, welcome! I’ll explain- I’m passionate […]

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KeriCure Product Review

KeriCure Wound Care for Equines

Do you have a horse prone to injury? KeriCure, Inc. Champion Seal is an easy to apply, and organic liquid bandage that keeps wounds clean while your horse recovers. *This is a sponsored post. I may receive products or monetary compensation in return for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.   We all […]

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