A Cob That Can Brave

Guest Post: Locating Your Brave Pants

After my post the other week where my cob Aladdin and I successfully jumped a 90cm fence I started wondering how on earth did we do it after being stuck at 50cm for so long. What gave us the confidence to take the ‘leap’ and just go for it?     My whole life I […]

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Power Holistic Wellness

The Power of Holistic Wellness

What is holistic wellness and why should it be widely available to all? The term is rather straightforward. Holistic meaning treating the “whole” body. Holistic veterinarians and health providers alike account for mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease to treat their patients. These techniques are humane, non-invasive, and […]

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Vet Chat Limping Hip Pain

Vet Chat Episode 2- Limping and Hip Pain in Your Dog

My dog Gonzo injured himself again. Recently he presented with a significant limp in his right hind. He will occasionally overdo it and strain a muscle. Last July, he pulled both hips out of alignment requiring anti-inflammatories, chiropractic work, and acupuncture. Well, he did it again.   * This posts contains affiliate links. If you […]

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lamintis pain equine massage

Guest Post: Providing Laminitis Pain Relief with Equine Massage Therapy

  One of the major physical conditions that affects horses is laminitis.It is believed that the diet of a horse has a lot to do with it. But you can provide pain relief naturally with the therapeutic benefits of equine massage therapy.     Meaning of Laminitis Laminitis is considered as one of the most […]

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BlogPaws Finalist 2018

Prancing into the BlogPaws 10th Anniversary Conference

Best Beyond Paws Pet Blog Finalists 2018 Do I have your attention? Good. The BlogPaws social media and pet blogging network is a network of pet bloggers around the world who dedicate their lives to writing and sharing important information about their pets. It is no surprise that dogs and cats are clearly the more […]

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Equestrian Control Trust

My Equestrian Dilemma: Control vs. Trust

Confession: My biggest problem is not trusting myself or my horse.   I need to trust my horse more. I’m a work in progress. I’m hyper organized, ambitious, and I know what I want. All good things, right? Except when I realize that I am a control freak. In my previous publishing life I managed […]

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Equestrian Photoshoot

Getting Candid with an Equestrian Photoshoot

When you buy a new horse, you book the obligatory equestrian photoshoot to capture your new relationship. As a photographer myself, I am more comfortable behind the lens, so I was a little anxious about being the subject. The good news is when you are photographing horses they have a way of keeping you humble […]

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What kind of rider are you?

Quiz: What kind of horse rider are you?

Bold, Timid, or a Little of Both?   Who doesn’t love a good horse quiz? I know what type of horse rider I am, regardless. But it was so much fun to put together. And a great way for people to understand it isn’t just black and white. Sometimes I’m bold, sometimes I’m timid. I’m […]

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Le Mieux Nummah

Luxurious Riding with the Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lambskin Nummah

Enter the half pad debate. I never loved my sheepskin half pad, and thought it bulged weirdly on my pony’s back. Nor did I feel that it created any real cushion. So I debated between gel pads, air pads, and memory foam. So many choices!      *This is a sponsored post. I received product […]

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Awesome Gal: A Story of Soring, Healing, and Hope

Awesome Gal: A Story of Soring, Healing, and Hope

I’ll happily admit I’m an optimist. Ever the glass half full type of girl I find it hard watching the news or reading about the darker side of life. That’s not to say I have rose-colored glasses. I’m aware, but I don’t like to focus on the negative. As an avid animal lover, I find […]

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Bond New Horse

Creating a Bond with Your New Horse

Confession time: I have a new horse that I want to trust and respect me. How do I build a bond?     We bought a pony! So now what? Just kidding. I’ve been dreaming of this for (ahem) 40 years. Which means, I’ve had quite a lot of time to learn and plan. Learning […]

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5 Illnesses Every Dog Owner Should Know

Guest Post: 5 Illnesses Every Dog Owner Should Know

Being a pet owner is full of fun and loving moments but it can also bring a lot of responsibility. One thing that pet owners must do is keep an eye on their dog’s health. Dogs can get many different kinds of illnesses, ranging from mild annoyances to severe concerns. Having a good relationship with […]

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