How to Join the Equestrian Blog Hop

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How to Join the Equestrian Blog Hop


  1. First, write your post based on this month’s theme. The theme will be posted on the Equestrian Bloggers Facebook page and on the Equestrian Blog Hop page.
  2. By the last Monday of the month, publish your post as usual. (You may choose to publish the night before, that’s okay but the link will not be active as yet). Please view the blog hop rules on the home page.
  3. Once your post is published and the linky is active, copy the permalink (url) for your post.
  4. Visit the Equestrian Blog Hop page. Click on the link at the bottom of the page that says, Join the Equestrian Blog Hop. This will take you to
  5. Create a free account and follow the instructions.
  6. Your blog should now be linked up to the blog hop. It may not show up right away on the Blog Hop home page, so don’t get nervous and add it a million times. It will only allow one post per blog.
  7. Next, you want to add the code from to your post. This will make the list of other entries appear on your blog. Click at the VERY bottom of the Blog Hop home page where it says “Get the code here…” Copy the code.
  8. Open your themed blog post so you can edit it. Click on the HTML tab. Paste the code you copied at the very bottom of that page full of HTML code. Click update or publish.
  9. Refresh your blog so you can see it as the public sees it, and you should see your Blog Hop post followed by a list of names or thumbnail links to the  other entries.
  10. The linky to join the blog hop will close after 24 hours. Please visit 10 other blogs minimum from the linky list throughout the month and comment on their posts. Sharing is caring so we encourage that as well!

Equestrian Blog Hop


Equestrian Blog Hop

Please put one of the Equestrian Blog Hop graphics (featured above) anywhere within your post, to identify it as part of the hop. You may also choose to use text to tell readers this is a blog hop.

For example, possible Call to Action (CTA) may be:

  1. This is an Equestrian Blog Hop! Visit as many of the other blogs as you can.
  2. Leave comments. The more comments you leave, the more comments you get.
  3. Are you an equestrian blogger? Join our Equestrian Bloggers Facebook group.


You may also choose to:

  1. Post a link to your Equestrian Blog Hop post on your Facebook page, inviting your friends to join in.
  2. Tweet your link with the #EquestrianBlogHop and #EquestrianBloggers hashtag, again inviting friends to participate in the Blog Hop.
  3. Pin it, or use whatever other platforms you like to share your post and the Blog Hop.

That’s it. Try it. If you need help, or it didn’t work, email  me at

Happy hopping!

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