Partnership Opportunities


Partnership Opportunities


Partnership Opportunities

Sponsorship, affiliation, ambassadorship, or product reviews are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to submit a product or brand for consideration, you may send an email to Heather Wallace at

Bridle & Bone does not partner with the following:

  • Dog breeders or companies affiliated with breeders.
  • Pet stores who sell animals.
  • Food items that contain chemicals or unnatural ingredients.
  • Companies or writers looking for backlinks to their site.

Freelance Writing

I am available to write guest posts and freelance articles for your publication. Examples of my writing on other sites:

Guest Posts

Bridle & Bone may consider guest posts from bloggers or writers that are well-written, well-researched, and will benefit my readers. For consideration please view my Guest Post Guidelines

*Please note I will not consider the following:

  • Guest posts from companies advertising their own products.
  • Products that are not horse or dog-related.
  • Food products containing chemicals or unhealthy ingredients.
  • Unsolicited guest posts not adhering to the guidelines.

I receive frequent requests.  I only respond to those I am interested in publishing on Bridle & Bone. Sending me multiple emails will not make me want to reply to you. Please submit a proposal ONLY if you write about natural health and wellness for horses or dogs.


I provide high-quality photography photoshoots and images for your marketing campaign, website, or personal use. Contact me to learn more.


My rates are available upon request. Please email Heather Wallace for more information.

Social Media

Please contact me to discuss creation, pricing, and sharing of high, quality images and graphics for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Sponsored Reviews

Bridle & Bone may receive payment and/or products in exchange for an honest review. This will be disclosed in the post. I may also review products that have been purchased for personal use. All opinions stated are my own, and sponsored reviews will be disclosed to meet with FTC guidelines. If you are interested in having your product reviewed, please contact Heather to discuss opportunities and rates.


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