Who Needs A Horse Husband?


This is not a literal question, although I know most equestrians would shout "Me, me me!". My husband is NOT a horse person. I cannot stress this enough. In fact, he’s the opposite. He went from apathetic about the subject of horses to now dreading it all together. I definitely pushed him to this point with my obsession. I talk about horses constantly. I have a talent that allows me to turn ANY conversation toward horses although I’m better than I used to be. It helps that I have a forum on my blog and social media to share my thoughts. Thank you to my followers and all those people who don’t mind me talking about horses and dogs all the time! It may have saved my marriage. 

Jason didn't appreciate my grooming advice. 

Jason didn't appreciate my grooming advice. 


I do want to clarify that Jason is completely supportive of my career and my passion. He's come to see me train once or twice. He works long hours and I ride during the week, so it's not surprising. The few horse shows I’ve competed in, he attends with the kids and takes pictures. Once he took a lesson with my trainer (after years of pleading on my part). I mean, what's scary about getting on a 1200 lb animal that balks at loud noises? 




He had fun during his ride and was a good sport about the whole thing. I was insanely excited, and thought he looked so cute. Even cuter because I knew he was just doing it to make me happy. While he had fun, it is definitely not his passion. His preferred sports are snowboarding and surfing, which is ALMOST as sexy as riding horses. 


PC: Thom Stukas. I prefer equestrian pursuits to any other. 

PC: Thom Stukas. I prefer equestrian pursuits to any other. 

  PC: Michael Calamusa. Jason prefers snowboarding at Snowmass with his friends.


PC: Michael Calamusa. Jason prefers snowboarding at Snowmass with his friends.


Do I sometimes wish that we could take trail rides together? Yes. He wants to go hiking and I don't see the fun in it if I'm not on horseback. I see other couples enjoying their time together at the barn and think it would be nice to have that bond. Ideally we would go on equestrian vacations and gallop the beaches in Ireland or round up cattle out west. BUT THEN REALITY INTRUDES.


The truth of the matter is that my husband and I love each other, but we are NOTHING alike. He’s the yang to my yin. What I love most about Jason most is that he is just as independent as I am.  I enjoy my hours at the barn and attend horse shows for fun; my husband goes snowboarding with friends or surfing in the nearby Atlantic Ocean. It’s a pretty good system and it works for us. 



It would be nice to spend time together enjoying something I love, but that's just it- he doesn't love it. We have other things that we do together. I’d rather be at the barn with fellow enthusiasts who also think it is funny when a pony sneezes into his sandwich or spooks at a butterfly.  After all, if I were to force my husband to ride a horse regularly, he might make me go surfing. Doesn't he know there are sharks in the ocean? 



Do you have a horse husband or wife? Or do you prefer to keep your passion yours alone? 


Heather Wallace is an Equissage-certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (ESMT),  Certified Canine Massage Therapist (CCMT), Aromatherapist. She is also the writer and editor for the blog, Bridle & Bone. When she is not spending time with her family or working, Heather can be found playing with her two rescue dogs or riding at the barn.  The best thing that she can imagine is having a career improving the quality of life for horses and dogs alike.

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