Beau Visits the Vet and Loves It

Happy Wordless Wednesday my friends! Recently, Beau had his annual check up at the veterinarian. For some dogs this is a recipe for anxiety and fear. But not for Beau. Beau loves going to the veterinarian.

Mom, where is the doctor? Does he have treats? 
Mom, where is the doctor? Does he have treats?

If anything, Beau gets too excited. He is a reactive dog, and very protective of me. Because he is very food-motivated, I make sure to bring a lot of treats. While waiting for our appointment we work on commands such as “Leave it”, “Sit”, “Greet”, and “Touch”.

“Touch” is perfect to get him onto the scale.

Beau waits patiently for his veterinarian to come in and give him his exam and annual vaccinations. 
Beau waits patiently for his veterinarian to come in and give him his exam and annual vaccinations.


Beau is at first timid around men, especially men with beards. No clue why, and I’ve been working on desensitizing him. Initially when our vet walks in (tall man with a beard), Beau backs up and warns him away. Our vet has known him most his life and they love each other, but Beau forgets because he is so reactive. Our vet immediately crouches down and offers a wonderful treat. All is well and they are friends again.  Beau is a sucker for treats, and becomes his true goofball self.

All in all, vet appointments are very easy and non-stressful for everyone involved. To learn more about why my dogs love the vet so much, read How I Trained My Dogs to Love the Vet or my post from the veterinarian’s perspective, What Your Vet Wants You to Know But Is Too Polite To Tell You.

Do your dogs love the veterinarian? Or do they get anxious?

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0 thoughts on “Beau Visits the Vet and Loves It

  1. I’m so happy that you have such a wonderful vet. You’re right: It’s the key to helping reactive dogs deal with mandatory appointments. Having a medical professional that supports your training programs is just wonderful. And sadly, it’s not all that common.

    Jean from <a href="">Welcome to the Menagerie</a>

    1. I know Jean, I hear all these stories of stressful vet experiences and it makes me so sad. I was lucky, we found the vet at random while our regular vet was away, and I liked how he dealt with Beau so much that I moved Gonzo to him as well. He’s not fazed by my big lugs in any way.

  2. What I wouldn’t give for a dog that didn’t mind going to the vet! I’ll have to go back and read those posts.

    1. Please do, I hope they help. Both my dogs love the vet. I hear all these stories from other pet owners and have made it my mission to keep the vet a great experience so that when they are sick or injured they don’t have the additional stress.

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