Hints of Spring After a Long Winter in New Jersey

Spring is “officially” upon us although it hasn’t felt much like it recently. We had a mild but long winter, only occasionally seeing the thick blankets of snow and ice. We are starting to see hints here and there.


The Grass is Greener

Beau enjoys the occasional days of sunlight. 
Beau enjoys the occasional days of sunlight.

Buds are Blooming

Hints of Spring


Hints of spring are surfacing all around.   
Hints of spring are surfacing all around.


Daffodils are Blooming





Spring is a wonderful time of year, full of new beginnings. A wonderful time to plant your garden, something that I’ve been wanting to do for years. Sadly, I do not have a green thumb in any capacity. I do much better with animals than I do with plants. Probably because I understand them much better.


But the hints of spring are there. And soon the blooms will be bigger and brighter. This is a great time of year for trail rides. One thing I do dread? All the wildlife that tries to nest in my yard despite the dogs’ presence.

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0 thoughts on “Hints of Spring After a Long Winter in New Jersey

  1. We’re not getting many signs of spring here in NH. We’d settle for seeing some bare ground – we got 5 inches of snow just a few days ago, and it hasn’t been warm enough to melt much of it. Maybe soon…..

    1. Winter definitely is not letting go easily. Wishing you sunshine and warm weather!

  2. Yes, hints of Spring are out there but it’s such a tease! Lovely photos. I thought the wild onions were Daffodils, they look just like them.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Good catch Cathy! Poor editing on my part- I originally had another photo there with wild onions and forgot to change the caption. Whoops!

  3. I see the signs! 🙂 Funny, we did post similar things today. Great minds, and all that. 🙂

    1. I think we all have spring fever at this point! Enjoy the hints of spring. 🙂

  4. Spring is currently duking it out with Winter here in California. Enjoy yours as it comes creeping in.

    1. Thank you! This roller coaster weather has us all on edge. I’m so looking forward to beautiful weather.

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